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The Marthaler Team

Above all, we believe the relationship with our clients is the most precious thing.

While our independently owned jewelry store takes pride in finding and showcasing the finest jewelry and gems, at Marthaler Jewelers, we believe that authenticity matters in gemstones and relationships.

With this belief, we have grown into a 2,300 square foot corner showroom in beautiful Biltmore Park, next to the Hilton, offering a refreshing–and honest–way to purchase your heirloom jewelry.

Andy, an expert gemologist, takes pride in sitting down with each of our clients and offering pricing based on the most recently reported industry insider valuations. Our profit margins may be less than our competitors, but our very loyal client base makes up for it.

We have built the Marthaler brand on the values that guide our daily lives: trust, transparency, and a commitment to excellence.

As a young man interning with a seasoned goldsmith, I developed an intimate understanding of precious stones and elegant jewelry. I also observed the emotions that drive people to want and need commemorative pieces. My formal education took place at the Gemological Institute of America in California, and I have spent decades working as a gemologist crafting custom designs. Time and time again, it has been revealed that honesty and openness are the most important facets of any customer relationship. An attention to detail and eye for design certainly help, but without a solid bedrock of trust established, nothing else is achievable!

I’ve realized my dreams as the owner of a successful jewelry shop in an industry where valuations are often exaggerated and customers are weary of being scammed. I credit our success to our staple transparency and our strong commitment to craftsmanship!

Tonya and I have built our well-loved business on a solid foundation of integrity and transparency, upon which their exquisite designs and brilliant one-of a-kind pieces are designed.

We are always aspiring to be better and to do good in the world. That means we not only have a commitment to transparent pricing, but also to giving back to to our community. Authenticity requires vulnerability and integrity. We believe you cannot just exist. You must positively influence.

We hope you will be inspired to begin a relationship with us. We can’t wait to serve you.

– Andy & Tonya Marthaler

Andy Marthaler

Andy is a first generation jeweler with a long personal history in this industry. During high school, he worked at Price’s Fine Jewelry, and did just about whatever he could to ensure that he’d learn the fascinating world of jewelry.  A pivotal moment occurred when Andy’s mom gave him his grandfather’s ring, but it didn’t fit. Andy asked the Master Goldsmith to resize the ring for him,but instead, he was taught how to resize it himself.

After high school, Andy was Price’s Fine Jewelry full-time apprentice goldsmith. He went to gemology school in California, and came to Asheville with years of experience, and a desire for a climate warmer than Detroit Lakes, Minnesota! He found a job in Asheville, and after six years working for other retailers and ultimately losing his job after a store closed, Andy was blessed to see a relationship started years ago provide the support he needed to realize his dream of owning his own jewelry store; Marthaler Jewelers has been in Biltmore Park since 2010.

Tonya Marthaler

Tonya, a Registered Nurse, worked for years in healthcare before joining Andy in 2013 when they opened the company’s larger South Asheville location. Tonya approaches the jewelry store from the customer’s perspective Her own experience with jewelry stores that felt uninviting and sterile encouraged her create a warm and inviting jewelry store that feels like you are “coming into our living room”. She worked with Bruce Johnson Architect to create that open, easy, old-world feeling. Tonya fulfills the marketing and managing needs for the company, often, meeting with vendors and picking out jewelry. 

Joseph D. Cottrell, Jr.

Joseph D. Cottrell, Jr.

Graduate Gemologist



Official Jewelry Model

We love our Carlee! Here with us everyday, rain or shine, she knows this is her “job” and she is happy to be here with us.  She has a lot of loyal friends who have seen her grow up in Biltmore Park Town Square who come to see her from time to time.