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Custom Design Rings

Jewelry can be so much more than an accessory. Each piece serves as a touchstone for significant moments in our lives. We rarely carry the same piece twice to ensure you have a distinct piece. If you can’t find something in our case that is just right for you, or if you have a distinct vision for a piece of jewelry, we will be glad to create a custom ring for you.

Custom design rings are a true meeting of the minds between you and Andy. You influence each part of the process to make a custom ring that truly is your ring, but you can be involved as much or as little as you want during the process.  Andy will guide the design process as you discuss stones, materials, and metals to use. Once you’ve agreed on a concept, Andy creates a blueprint and renders the design in the CAD software.

Work with Andy for custom design rings
Not in the jewelry case? Try custom design rings

Because the computer-aided design is digital, we can easily offer several designs and make adjustments. We then create a wax model with the stones so you can try it on. Jewelry is a visual medium and you don’t know how it will look until you try it on. When the wax model reaches your standards, we cast the metal and set the stones.

Let’s collaborate on your unique custom designs. Bring us your specialized repairs.

In addition to custom designs, we specialize in restoration worthy of heirloom jewelry.