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You’re buying jewelry to mark special occasions and because there is someone significant in your life. Your jewelry should have a story too. 

As an Asheville jewelry store, we’re unique in that we design and craft custom jewelry in-house from beginning to end. With the use of CAD and our 3D printer, we can create from scratch, unique pieces tailored to what you’re looking for. This process lets us cut out the middleman and deliver our work to you faster, and often more affordably. 

Design consults in person, or through Zoom for your convenience.

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custom-engagement-ringsHow It Works


You’ve been envisioning this custom piece for a while. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest and have collected inspiration for the perfect custom engagement ring, necklace, etc. We share in your unique vision so we can craft the perfect piece of custom jewelry that fits your timeframe and budget.



We begin our process with hand sketching, followed by rendering your piece in our CAD software. Then, we meet with you to view the renderings together, where you can make the subtle adjustments and tweaks necessary.



We put our in-house 3D printer to work creating the wax mold that will lead to your custom jewelry. We’ll meet with you again to show you the wax mold and let you try it on.



After the design is approved, we get to work on crafting your one-of-a-kind piece right here in our South Asheville jewelry store. Once completed we will call you to come to pick it up and see it shine on the person you love.

Your relationship has a story, your jewelry should too.



Custom Engagement Rings

We want to collaborate with you on a custom engagement ring that is just as unique as your story and relationship. You’ll influence each part of our easy process to make a custom ring that truly is your ring, but you can be involved as much or as little as you want during the process.  Our design team will guide the process as you discuss stones, materials, and metals to use. Once you’ve agreed on a concept, we’ll create a blueprint and renders the design in our CAD software. The whole process will stay in-house from beginning to end to fit your budget and timing.

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