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Asheville Jewelry Store

Marthaler Jewelers is a jewelry store in Asheville that specializes in designing custom fine jewelry. We’re passionate about bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re visiting us for the first or the tenth time, we’re glad you’re here and we’re happy to craft and curate your perfect piece of jewelry. Find us in Fletcher right off Hendersonville Road, just minutes from Biltmore Park.

Marthaler Made

We design and craft custom jewelry in-house from beginning to end. With the use of CAD and our 3D printer, we can create from scratch, unique pieces tailored to what you’re looking for. This process lets us cut out the middleman and deliver our work to you faster, and more affordably. 


Curating Your Essentials

With the cultural shift of “less is more” to personal possessions, we encourage you to cultivate a capsule collection. We can help you select your staples—the pieces you will wear to enhance everyday life. From engagement rings and wedding bands to that pair of heirloom pearl earrings, we help you curate your personal collection. 


We Make It Easy

Shopping for jewelry can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Your time and resources are important to us, so we want to make the experience as easy as possible. Our staff is approachable and knowledgeable, so you can let your guard down, knowing that we will contextualize to your individual wants, needs and budget.