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We all have a purpose.

We want to leave our mark.

To love and be loved.

And, to shine.

At Marthaler Jewelers, we understand that jewelry means so much more than ornaments and accessories. Each piece is a unique reminder of the milestone in our lives. They are celebrations, individual signatures, keepsakes and heirlooms. They keep us attached to our history.

We want the experience of jewelry to be available to all of our friends and neighbors. Whether you’re about to ask the biggest question of your life or you’d like to express congratulations to a valued friend or family member, we have something to help you say it. We believe you don’t have to spend a fortune to build a wealth of memories.

We invite you to our Asheville jewelry store. Because we believe jewelry should not be intimidating, we design our jewelry showroom to feel comfortable and welcoming. We have beautiful jewelry that will match anyone’s budget.